Make our education system relevant for the 21st Century

In my role as an educator working on Post Graduate Masters courses here in the UK and abroad, I often see iGen students (aka Gen Z: born 1996 to 2009) in their early 20’s in my classes from around the world.  Many have grown up with education systems similar to what is being highlighted by […]

Can you force people to learn?

Last week during my University lecture on the module ‘Designing and Delivering Training’, I suggested to the class that there is no benefit in trying to force people in organisations to attend business training to learn things if they don’t want to. Of course it’s possible to coerce people to attend training.  Maybe even make […]

Using an online media space to share information and key learning

With the growth of online chat areas and the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer, YouTube, VKontakte, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, MySpace, Tencent QQ, WeChat, Renren, Youku, Xing and various others; you would think that by now, we’d all be quite adept at sharing information online with our friends and work […]

Taking a chance to try new things

The picture in this post has a great back story.  It was taken in 2002, and featured in the local press, recording the opening, by the then Mayor of Bracknell, of one of my first Knowledge Management Centres in Berkshire, here in the UK.  At that time, I was Head of Organisational Development in the […]

Being an effective manager is hard work

The journey continues… I am delighted to be still working with one of my first and oldest clients since I started as a freelancer back in 2002.  Newham University Hospitals NHS Trust, as it was known then, and I, have embarked upon many different training courses and research and analysis over the years.  However, the […]

Józefa meets Josefa in Vienna!

Just spent two days working with the European Patent Office in Vienna and who did I meet there?  A lovely lady called Josefa. In all of my working life, I have never actually met another Józefa and so I am delighted to introduce one to you from the EPO Vienna.  This was a great experience, […]

Who’s listening?

My learning journey continues…. Listening, now that IS an interesting word. With communication being made easier and faster these days – it’s a fair question to ask, who is listening? Technically, a verb, the present participle of to lis-ten. It is to give your attention to a sound: “sit and listen to the radio”. It’s […]