Micro-Learning At Speed!

A collection of exciting new “Learning Sprints” designed as tiny micro-lessons that can be done quickly. Easy to navigate, you’ll get a burst of learning to support your personal development ~ on demand.

All “Learning Sprints” are being refreshed and updated for 2024.



These ‘Learning Sprints’ are short, snappy and amazingly effective. I love learning but I want something that just gets to the point, and quickly.This particular one is just perfect for anyone trying to gain confidence in producing PowerPoint presentations. The tips and techniques discussed are brilliant and the way they are packaged makes this memorable for me, and each ‘Sprint’ gives you time to stop and reflect on what you have learned.This makes it easier for you to put these ideas into practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who ever has to present information to others, and I can’t wait to try more of these wonderful and influential learning courses in the future as these will definitely support my career development.
Charlotta Palumbo
Teaching Assistant, Alfriston School, Buckinghamshire, UK
Clear, concise, and beautifully paced, the ‘Learning Sprints’ are perfect for you to receive quick and effective learning, at a time and place that suits you and your busy working day.The term ’self-paced motivation’ seems almost redundant as Józefa carefully guides you through each tutorial with detailed care and precision.

These might be quick, but they're still challenging and make you think because at the end of each section, there are activities to complete. I particularly liked the short summary on each page of the flip book.If you, or your team are looking for a series of excellent micro-learning courses that cover what you need in the moment, then look no further. These are golden!
Dr Lynda Shaw
Neuroscientist, Business Psychologist & Change Specialist, UK
I thought this short course was excellent, the content was clear and easy to follow with exercises to support my learning. I learnt a lot and I have been delivering presentations for a long time. Applying all that I have learnt has really lifted the quality of my presentations and how I deliver them. It allowed me to think about a particular presentation whilst I was working through the learning content. That added another layer of learning to the exercise. Józefa is clearly knowledgeable about the subject and my favourite part the vocal management, as she says most of us don’t like the sound of our own voices so being able to improve how I structured my vocal contributions was very helpful. Thankyou Józefa, I really loved this course
Judith Cashmore-James
Director of Coaching and Leadership, Touchstone Associates Ltd, UK

"Learning Sprints"

Discover how to make your business presentations have the kind of impact that makes people not only want to listen to you ~ but also take action!

Telling stories is an amazingly easy way to get key messages and concepts across to audiences when presenting, training and managing teams.

Virtual meetings, online presentations and webinars are the way to do business today; come learn how to create an engaging experience.

Make your meetings count ~ avoid procrastination and lack of action cycle and instead learn how to make this a better use of your time.

Podcasting is a fast growing way to get your message heard world-wide; the secret is to sound amazing so that you increase your listeners.

Design and deliver training courses that make a difference and contribute to changes in workplace behaviour and improvements in productivity.