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My name is Józefa Fawcett and I am a woman on a mission to create professionals fit for the future ~ not followers of the past.

I work as global corporate trainer, a pracademic in education, and often conduct personal independent research. I also provide support for NGOs in Norway and Latvia involved in European Commission Erasmus+ projects.

My EU project experience has been as a UK project partner and associate in several EC-funded programmes:

  • Leonardo da Vinci supporting vocational education and training (up to 2010)
  • Grundtvig aimed at helping adults improve their employability prospects (up to 2013)
  • Erasmus promoting closer cooperation between universities and higher education for cross-border student exchange (up to 2014)
  • Erasmus+ fostering transnational cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices and mobility in education, training, youth and sport in Europe and beyond into ‘non-associated third / partner countries’ (2014 – current)

European Commission projects offer exceptional research opportunities and international collaboration across many different project partner countries.

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Are we becoming too reliant on machines to think for us?

Based on current trends and discussions, it seems we’re increasingly encountering AI in various aspects of life. If this is the case, here are 5 key actions I believe we should take if we wish humans to thrive in the workplace of the future.

Critical Evaluation: In this increasingly automated world, we need to develop the skills to assess information for its trustworthiness.
Synergy: Resist the urge to let AI replace human thinking, instead, embrace the synergy between human and machine learning.
Champion Ethical Learning: Ethical considerations must be at the forefront of our working practices when it comes to AI.
Cultivate Adaptability: Fostering a culture of adaptability is key to embracing the future and leveraging AI for positive change.
Bildung as a Moral Compass: The concept of Bildung supports the development of human intelligence from early years to adulthood.

Building upon the 5 actions

Having identified these key actions, my specific research questions are a good place to start to explore this further:
  • Which skills will educators need to integrate generative AI and Open Educational pedagogical principles into future curriculum?
  • What lessons have leaders and managers learnt from world events 2019-2021, and how are these informing future capability needs?
  • How important is it for humans to remain positive, be creative, and adopt ethical innovative practices to drive excellence in the workplace?

Future-proof your skills: learning resources for professionals

Take charge of your own development using my bite-sized online and CPD accredited learning courses. These will equip you with the skills needed to thrive in the age of AI. Critical thinking, adaptability, and ethical innovation skills are future capabilities that allow you to develop and implement new ideas in a way that considers the potential impact on society, and the environment. By developing in this way you become a more responsible and impactful professional fit for the future – not a follower of the past. I help you achieve this through:

1. Building future-ready capability: reskilling teams to meet future demands through adaptive learning, and open educational resources
2. Promoting empathic leadership and hybrid management: using micro-learning, engaging learning games, and digital credentials
3. Fostering quality and excellence: driving continuous improvement and organisational transformation through self-assessment and benchmarking

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Unlock Your R.E.A.L. Potential

Expanding on the key themes of my ongoing research I’ve authored the first of two digital learning books that delve deeper into specific aspects of human potential in the age of AI.

R.E.A.L. Empathic Learning – rel.training: This book equips professionals with the skills to build strong, empathic relationships in today’s hybrid work environments.

R.E.A.L. Adaptive Humans (coming soon – rah.training: In a world of constant change, this book explores practical strategies for developing the flexibility and agility needed to thrive in the uncertain business landscape.

Both books utilise page-flip technology, allowing the content to be easily updated and continually evolve based on reader feedback.

Published 24.07.21  rel.training

Due to be published in 2025 rah.training

I’m not stopping at the full books! I’m also producing bite-sized interactive learning content (“shorts”) to equip managers and team leaders with the R.E.A.L. framework for leading successful change and achieving long-term business transformation.

Due to be published in 2025


Due to be published in 2025


Due to be published in 2025


Due to be published in 2025


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