JFI Research.

My name is Józefa Fawcett, and I am fascinated by the capabilities needed by the workforce of the future, across all economic sectors in our post-pandemic and increasingly automated AI world. 

I operate as an independent researcher and podcaster, associate researcher and project support for NGOs in Norway and Latvia working on European Commission Erasmus+ projects, global corporate trainer, and pracademic. 

In each of these roles I explore: 

  • The specific skills future educators will need to effectively integrate Open Educational pedagogical principles and resources into future development programmes
  • The key lessons leaders have learnt from world events in 2019-2021, and how these have been applied since to enhance and improve leadership capabilities for the future of work
  • The habitual behaviours that impede organisational learning and continuous quality improvement initiatives in the workplace

JFI Research is part of the JFI Family : 

JFI Store online training courses and learning games

JFI Academy personalised CPD-approved adaptive learning

JFI Radio podcasts about training, learning, and excellence

My aim is through both my research and client work to build, foster and enable the following:

1. Future-Ready Capability through reskilling, blended learning, EdTech, generative AI, and OER
2. Empathic Leadership and Hybrid Management via micro-learning, serious learning games, and digital credentials
3. Quality and Excellence using self-assessment, benchmarking, benchlearning, continuous improvement, and adaptive learning

My EU project experience since 2008 has been as UK project partner and associate in several EC-funded programmes:

  • Leonardo da Vinci supporting vocational education and training (up to 2010)
  • Grundtvig aimed at helping adults improve their employability prospects (up to 2013)
  • Erasmus promoting closer cooperation between universities and higher education for cross-border student exchange (up to 2014)
  • Erasmus+ fostering transnational cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices and mobility in education, training, youth and sport in Europe and beyond into ‘non-associated third / partner countries’ (2014 – current)

EC projects offer exceptional research opportunities and international collaboration across many different project partner countries.

My first self-published digital learning book R.E.A.L. Empathic Learning  rel.training  was completed in 2021, using page-flip technology which allows the content to be easily updated and continually evolve with my readers and their feedback.

Book number two R.E.A.L Adaptive Humans rah.training will focus on humans being flexible, agile, and better able to adopt and adapt to changes in an uncertain business world to ensure a better workspace for the future.

Published 24.07.21  rel.training

Due to be published 24.07.24 rah.training

Alongside working on my second book, I am also producing some ‘shorts’ to help managers and team leaders use my R.E.A.L framework to support change and wider long-term and sustainable business transformation.

Due to be published 11.01.25


Due to be published 11.01.25


Due to be published 11.01.25


Due to be published 11.01.25


I’m a lifelong learner because…

things around me keep changing and so must I. Come with me on my learning journey.