Let your training make a difference

Research shows that six months after the end of workplace training only 50% of the learning is actually transferred into actions, and what’s more 80% of the ideas generated by executive leadership courses, is lost and never used to improve things. While individuals, their attitude and their motivation are three critical elements in learning and behavioural change ~ of equal importance is:

  1. The way that training is designed, its content and the delivery
  2. How well the workplace encourages new learning ideas to be used
  3. Whether managers get the best performance from their workforce

With over 35 years of experience designing and delivering people management training within organisations just like yours, I know that the very best results come from great training design and choosing the most appropriate method of delivery to encourage learner engagement and action.



Find out more about who I am and why I am best qualified to help you, then book time to tell me more about your business and your learning strategy. I can help craft a training plan or learning journey based on the best path for you.

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