Serving the training needs of clients since 2002 either directly or as an associate. These have ranged from blue chip across many industries and sectors to small and medium niche specialists; from governments and military to international academic institutions in the UK and in 38 countries on five continents. Regularly delivering highly effective customised consultancy solutions leading to real results that make a difference.

I first met Józefa Fawcett, when she visited Astana to deliver a week-long management development programme hosted by ENI and at which a variety of attendees came from various organisations in our network, Kazenergy being one of them. Her style of training delivery was excellent, particularly as she was having to use someone else’s training material that had been produced with a predominantly Western management approach, which she started to realise was somewhat challenging for us to try to apply in our various organisational units. Upon realising this, she adapted slightly the content to better fit our cultural requirements. She did all of her training with us in English but with consecutive translation from an interpreter who conveyed the same in Russian. She even replaced the training films that were provided in American English, with Russian speaking alternatives that she sourced for us during the week. The whole group very much enjoyed the training and took her out for a cultural evening visiting Bayterek and also an authentic dinner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Józefa to do further work with us.
Assema Mukazhanova
manager, oil & gas, kazenergy, kazakhstan
I was delighted to learn more about the voice-over services offered by Józefa Fawcett. Here is a very talented lady who could not only work with me from the concept stage of an IFTDO promotional film, but also provide a professional voice-over recording with an original music score. In addition to this work, Józefa stepped out of her comfort zone to help me and in so doing, also designed and supplied top quality artwork for new banners to be used at the IFTDO booth. This meant liaising with the conference organiser in Malaysia across a +7 hour time difference and working to very tight deadlines. Both the promotional film and the banners received rave reviews from the IFTDO Board Members and the international audience attending the 44th IFTDO Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The total commitment to ensure that only perfection was acceptable is the hallmark of Józefa Fawcett.
Christine Marsh CPT
Chair, membership committee, iftdo, switzerland
I felt that the sound of Józefa’s voice has, been consistently reassuring to those listening and following her project presentations and feedback to European Commission auditors. Her capacity, tonality, clear pronunciation and the ability to stress the important sentences, gives to a listener with a ‘non-English mother tongue’, the opportunity to not only properly understand but also deeply appreciate the content. Finally, Józefa’s smile and positive approach creates a real empathy between herself and her audience, enhancing the level of communication and message.”
Ida Prosperi
european projects, sviluppo marche, italy
Józefa is a great conference speaker and event chair person who knows how to engage her audience with her voice, non-verbal skills and knowledge. Józefa dares to challenge the status quo and asks challenging questions to create a dynamic and open environment in which people are encouraged to think and talk about the real issues at hand. She also has great interpersonal skills with which she knows how to use with teams around the world.
Ali Fenwick
director, oyc nisshin seifun group, japan
I’ve interacted with Józefa when working on some digital projects. She is enthusiastic and has the ability to challenge the status quo. We have had many good discussions about work and life, something that I really appreciate in our relationship.
Sofie Sandell
author, digital leadership, sweden
Józefa is an excellent educator and learning specialist as well as an expert in knowledge management. She works hard and delivers projects on time. She has an excellent understanding of practical issues faced by organisations and is able to bring and utilise this experience in an academic environment.
Professor Vlatka Hlupic
thought leader, drucker society, uk
I first met Józefa at a conference and was extremely impressed by her breadth of knowledge. I was fortunate to work with her on a wide range of HR initiatives taking place at Newham Hospital such as: training needs analysis, delivering appraisal training and supporting our internal trainers and coaches. Józefa has been instrumental in helping us to achieve some major changes to our workforce and without her expertise and skills, our work would not have advanced to the degree that it has, even winning local awards for our training. She has excellent people skills and the feedback over the years, has been extremely positive.
Caroline Bloch
head of learning, newham hospital, uk
Józefa Fawcett is an extraordinary woman and excellent learning adviser and facilitator of ideas. Because of her unique communication skills, team spirit and client orientation, Józefa is able to achieve high success, not just on a professional level in pedagogy, but also as a human being. Working with her is always an asset for me and enrichment for every single person from any cultural background.
Adela Vitkovska
Ceo eurofortis sia, latvia
I have known Józefa for some 8 years having seen her speaking live at international conferences around the world and always feeling that her voice was easy to understand, especially for a non-native English speaker like myself. It was then an easy choice to commission Józefa to do the voice-over for e-Real promotional films to secure tenders with organisations that request more information. We were so pleased with the outcome of the first film for Saudi Aramco, that we have since commissioned a larger piece for another film, and will come back again for her to complete new films for us as we make them.
Fernando Salvetti
founder, e-real / logos network, italy
Józefa has a very special gift: she is very acute, always to the point and inspiring…all features combined with a delicate British cultural touch. She provides an intense and rewarding working experience.
Olivier F Basso
professeur associÉ, innovation cnam, france
Thank you Józefa for chairing the conference in Disneyland Paris, in such a professional and courteous manner, you are definitely one of the most competent and fun chairs that I have worked with.
Aileen Thomson
executive education, saÏd business school, uk