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Well designed and delivered learning solutions create managers that are strong, leaders that are empathic, teams that are high-performing, and HR/L&D professionals that are supportive business partners.

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Whether you’re looking for in-person or hybrid training, live digital sessions, pre-recorded or blended learning, game-based learning, mentoring, new training designs or assessment of your HR and/or L&D functions you’ll find plenty to choose from.  All tried and tested around the world ~ an award-winning service here at JFI Store.


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 Learning Sprints: micro-learning for those who want a personal development “fix” ~ at speed!

  Leaders Who Listen: course to create a significant change in leadership capabilities at work

 Designing Transformational Training: course that will change the way you design training

  Bespoke Learning Design:  ‘done for you’ and customised to business learning needs

  Learning Games: when learning is fun more is remembered, and used!

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