Effective, well trained, people managers make good decisions that impact on the business, improve team productivity and the quality of your products and services. We are a training solutions provider, specialising in the design and delivery of bespoke commercial training courses and digital learning programmes to create these kind of people managers.

Visit our five ‘virtual’ floors to learn how to feed your talent pipeline and create your own executive leaders for the future.

On this floor: micro learning that you put together into bite-size training packages to create effective people managers.

On this floor: training for those who design and deliver in-house training, academic lecturing and public speaking.

“Do you struggle with one, or all, of these tough people management training problems in your business?”

Finding time to release managers from the day job to attend training

Providing online learning options that go beyond memorisation tests

Effectively managing virtual teams across geographical and time zone differences

Reporting training results that are more than just attendance numbers that tick a compliance box

We show you how to let your training make a business difference.

Our creative approach to training design, training delivery and learning measurement means that you get information about results that show the difference your training is making to the business bottom line.  In fact we’d like to go even further and say “if your training isn’t changing things at work and producing such results, then STOP DOING IT!”

The menu at top of the page will take you to each of our ‘virtual’ floors where you’ll find training solutions, coaching support and learning consultancy to start your journey towards producing high impact training.

But be warned!  Using our learning services will mean real change back in the workplace.

Our focus is people management so all the content is of greatest value for those in management and leadership roles, as well as those who work in HR, innovation teams, project teams, continuous quality improvement and business excellence.  Your organisation is nothing without your people – let us help you get the best from them.

If you want training to make a difference to productivity, quality improvement and change          then we are all you need.

Flexible bite-size training – giving you freedom to choose the learning content that you want

Training workshops – people management training to meet your exact requirements

Training skills development and vocal coaching – for speakers, educators and trainers

Learning games – a great way to play and learn about quality improvement and change

Consultancy – we advise and support your personal and organisational learning plans

Online personal development programmes – for you to learn at your pace and in your place