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Improve management capability

Feed talent pipelines

Create future-focused leaders

Access five ‘virtual’ floors of learning here at JFI Store – targeted at operational managers, project team leaders and those involved in transformational change.

Choose from a wide range of learning courses, classes, specialist workshops and programmes in a variety of different formats: class-based; digital; team games and online cartoons, all designed to improve productivity, quality and team impact.

For HR, Trainers and Speakers to remain up-to-date and relevant to the business, we provide CPD (Continuing Professional Development) with specialist content options to refresh and revive skills and enhance the strategic capability of the HR function.

Our consultancy offers professional training design customised to your business needs; learning project management & support and business excellence assessment.

THIS FLOOR:  Personal development programmes in many single and dual languages in downloadable digital learning workbooks.

THIS FLOOR: Micro-learning that simply and speedily develops your current management ~ and future ~ leadership capabilities.

THIS FLOOR: Professional CPD for those practitioners who help others learn through training, facilitation, teaching and speaking.

THIS FLOOR:  Professional blended learning designs that support your talent development planning process

THIS FLOOR:  Offline game-based learning with group activities, discussion and just a little bit of competition along the way.


Our creative approach to training design, training delivery and learning measurement means that you get results that show the difference your training is making to the business bottom line.

As a global learning & training consultancy, we will partner with you to achieve all your learning goals under one roof. Large or small, in-person, facilitated or digital we provide support to you at any stage of your organisations’ learning journey from identifying training needs right the way through to evaluation.

The menu at top of the page takes you to each of our ‘virtual’ floors in the JFI Store, on each one you’ll find a range of learning solutions, such as: online personal development; people management and team leadership; facilitator & internal trainer capability; bespoke training design; and learning games for business excellence.

Your organisation is nothing without your people – we’ll help you get the best from them.


Personal Development – flexible online courses giving you freedom to choose the content that you want, when you want it

Capability Development – Micro-learning that speedily develops operational management and team capabilities

CPD for HR, Trainers & Speakers – for those who help others learn through training, facilitating, speaking and teaching

Professional Training Design – ensure training is transformational and customised to meet business needs

Business Excellence – have fun learning about quality improvement, business and leadership excellence


Our clients range from blue chip across many industries and sectors to small/medium niche specialists; from governments and military to international academic institutions.  With each one, we deliver highly effective customised learning, training and consultancy solutions that lead to real results that make a difference.

Energy: Oil and Gas, Waste Management, Logistics & Supply Chain
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare: Biotech, NHS, Public Health
Financial & Legal: Banking, Legal
Government & Public Administration: European Union, European Regional Development Agencies, European Commission
Scientific Research: Kuwait
Academia: UK, Russia, Spain
UK Defence: RAF, MoD
Employment: Recruitment Services
Commercial Retail: Electronics, Luxury Goods, Furniture & Bedding, Cosmetics, Fashion, In-bound Call Centre, Customer Complaints


As a global learning and training consultancy, JFI is spreading the message about developing an agile approach to learning around the world, returning to many clients again and again.  So far, there’s been training, keynote speaking, lecturing, facilitation and coaching in 35 countries on four continents – so far!

Could your country be next?