Learning should be fun as well as informative so we combine both of these in our game-based immersive learning designs, created to provide a unique transformational approach that keeps participants engaged and interested.

Each of these multi-level learning games are designed for team leaders who need to bring their existing knowledge and expertise into a planned situation and work collaboratively to find a range of solutions ~ together.

Our game-based immersive learning is offline (no individual or virtual learning here) and combines group activity, coaching, mentoring, discussion and just enough inter-group competition to give it an edge.


The Company Cartoon™ Workshop

An easy-to-follow, yet complex, story about one organisation called ‘‘The Company’’ and how it prepares for the 4th Industrial Revolution, embracing the Digital Transformation agenda and starting their journey towards Business Excellence.

Sue, the CEO, is faced with making some difficult decisions.  Her board wants to know what she’s doing to strategically position ‘‘The Company’’ so that it remains competitive in an ever-changing and fast-moving industry.  She’ll have to implement a series of interventions that drive real change across 000’s of employees and enable them to develop the capabilities that are needed, exponentially. It’ll not only mean a mindset shift for many of her senior directors, and their teams, but also challenge and change existing and somewhat comfortable working practices.

Project managers in ‘‘The Company’’ will need to adapt their approach and become more Agile in their thinking and planning.

HR will need to reflect upon about how it needs to change to support such a transformation, whilst at the same time restructuring traditional old departments into shiny new flexible and adaptable working teams.  Teams that focus on different areas of business growth drawing together expertise from several professional fields such as software development, business architecture, people management, recruitment and learning, new product development, service design, systems thinking, innovation and applied sciences to name just a few.

‘‘The Company’’ employs a workforce that spans four generations, many work in fixed offices whilst others out in the field work remotely around the world.  Communication has always been difficult, but now it’s going to be even more challenging to adopt new approaches and Agile ways of working. She needs to act quickly though as her marketplace is changing fast, and all around her are those who market to customers their own achievements; not only winning business excellence awards but rapidly launching new products and services.

But there’s a problem: her executive leadership team.  They’re less than supportive and seem stuck in a world of complacency and ambivalence.

What does she do now?  How does she get them to work with her?  What leadership approach is going to work best in this situation?

This game-based learning package is for offline groups of up to 21 participants and comes with full facilitator notes, supporting slide decks, podcasts and additional learning content.  It is designed for managers and team leaders and can be used in a variety of different learning settings.  You can purchase the learning package and run this workshop yourself, or book one of our facilitators and let them deliver it for you, they can even adapt the delivery to best suit your business needs and working patterns.

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‘‘VISIBLE’’ Project Team Board Game

An offline board game for project teams and their leaders to develop the behavioural capabilities to effectively manage complex projects, including trans-national initiatives.

The content is based upon research undertaken during a European Commission project and the five level capabilities were developed by crowd sourcing content and stories from ten Central European countries, written by project managers for project managers.

The ‘‘VISIBLE’’ Project Team Board Game has been beta tested with environmental project teams working in 10 different European Regional Development Agencies and in Academic environments on Post-Graduate programmes.  During the game small teams score responses to a series of real project management challenges testing their personal, people and behavioural competencies as they go.

It has been designed to be used in a wide variety of business, public organisations, academic and industry-specific settings.

There are different price options depending on how this game will be used.  We can run the ‘‘VISIBLE’’ Project Team Board Game for you on your premises or at a venue of your choice.  Alternatively, we can give you a price to train your learning facilitators or coaching team and a renewable licence to use the game for as long as you want.

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Online Learning Games.

We’re working on a range of new online game-based learning topics to support people managers and team leaders in the workplace ~ available during 2019.

Our game-based learning options might not meet your specific business needs right now, so head on over to Floor 4 for our bespoke training design service