Let’s Play!

Learning should be interactive and fun as well as informative so we combine all of these elements in our game-based and experiential learning designs to take you on a journey towards excellence for your customers (CX), your workforce (EX) and your business (BX).

‘‘The COMPANY CARTOON’’ Workshop

A story cartoon about ‘‘The Company’’ and how it prepares itself and its’ workforce for the digital transformation agenda and their journey towards creating a culture of employee excellence and business excellence.

‘‘VISIBLE PM’’ Board Game

A board game for project managers and their team leaders designed to develop the kind of behavioural capabilities needed to effectively manage complex projects, including trans-national initiatives.

Learning Agility & Business Excellence

This accredited courses has been designed for JFI Store by JFI Academy which is recognised as a Provider of Training Excellence and authorised to offer CPD Points for learning that is completed and assessed.

Learning Excellence Toolkit

Inside this toolkit is our unique 4-step learning transfer model that supports the development of an organisational learning culture and combats the waste of potential talent, creative ideas and innovative practice in the workplace.

Our game-based learning options might not meet your specific business needs right now, so head on over to Floor 4 for our bespoke training design service