Let’s Play!

Learning should be interactive and fun as well as informative so we combine all of these elements in our game-based and experiential learning designs to take you on a journey towards excellence for your customers (CX), your workforce (EX) and your business (BX).

‘‘The COMPANY CARTOON’’ Workshop

A story cartoon about ‘‘The Company’’ and how it prepares itself and its’ workforce for the digital transformation agenda and their journey towards creating a culture of employee excellence and business excellence.

This 10-part course is being revamped for a ‘new workplace normal’ post COVID-19

‘‘VISIBLE PM’’ Board Game

A board game for project managers and their team leaders designed to develop the kind of behavioural capabilities needed to effectively manage complex projects, including trans-national initiatives.

This in-person game is being re-designed for online delivery for a ‘new workplace normal’ post COVID-19

Learning Agility & Business Excellence

This accredited course has been designed for JFI Store by JFI Academy which is recognised as a Provider of Training Excellence and authorised to offer CPD Points for learning that is completed and assessed.

This accredited course is being revamped for a ‘new workplace normal’ post COVID-19

Learning Excellence Toolkit

Inside this toolkit is our unique 4-step learning transfer model that supports the development of an organisational learning culture and combats the waste of potential talent, creative ideas and innovative practice in the workplace.

This toolkit is being revamped to reflect a ‘new workplace normal’ post COVID-19

Our game-based learning options might not meet your specific business needs right now, so head on over to Floor 4 for our bespoke training design service