Learning should be fun as well as informative and so we combine both with our game-based learning.  Integrating games into the learning process we use this approach to teach continuous quality improvement ideas to managers and leaders often looking for quick ‘how to…’ tips to create sustainable workplace changes. With continuous quality improvement, the ‘how to do it…’ part is usually only one small piece of the whole picture.

Our offline game-based learning involves group activity, discussion and just a little bit of competition along the way.


'The Company' Learning Cartoon.


An easy-to-follow story about the journey of one organisation as it travels towards the achievement of a quality standard, and the impact that this has on its workforce.  The CEO Sue, is faced with bringing about real change and improved standards and she needs to take quick decisive action if they are to survive economic changes.  Her executive leadership team, however, are less than supportive and seem stuck in a world of complacency and ambivalence.

The 10-episode learning cartoon series is provided with full training notes, supporting slides and additional material and can be used by your managers, team leaders and trainers in a variety of different training game scenarios ~ delivered by you, or by us if you prefer.

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An offline board game for groups to develop the skill set to effectively manage projects.  The content was based upon research on an EC project and provided by project managers for project managers.  The training game has been beta tested with environmental project teams working in 10 different European Regional Development Agencies and in Academic environments on Post-Graduate programmes.  During the game individuals/small teams score responses to a series of real project management challenges, enhancing their people management and personal behavioural competencies as they go.

The game has been designed to be used in a wide variety of business, public organisations, academic and industry-specific settings.  Facilitated by one of our trained JFI Store consultants or we can train you to facilitate this in-company.

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'VISIBLE' Board Game.

Online Learning Games.

We’re working on a range of new online game-based learning topics to support people managers in the workplace ~ available during 2018.

Our game-based learning options might not meet your specific business needs right now, so head on over to Floor 4 for our bespoke training design service