The skills covered by our micro-learning classes are relevant and transferable across countries and cultures. Whichever customised learning combination you choose, your teams will get an amazingly powerful agile learning experience which they can use back at work to increase team productivity, build leadership capability and improve the quality of products and services.

Our priority is to offer business-critical learning and development that’s both ‘invisible yet integral’ to creating a skilled workforce; one that has the mindset and capability to meet growth targets and manage the transition to Industry 4.0 specifically through the digital transformation agenda.


Some manages and leaders never have the time to get the training they need to be as effective as they could be. In the crazy busy workplace, taking time out to attend training is becoming noticeably more difficult.  Our micro-learning classes provide the perfect solution!

Each class lasts just 120 minutes ~ which means it’s easier to fit learning into a busy working day in as short a time as possible.  We have 27 different training areas focused on:

Managing Teams

Managing Yourself

Managing Improvement

Delivered offline in a traditional class-based format (because that’s what we know works best for these topics) you choose the customised learning combination that best works around your business working patterns. This way you keep people productive in the business more of the time, achieve a better return on your investment and ensure full engagement in the learning that you need them to do.

With over 35 years of experience providing management and leadership training we provide a practical way to help you feed your management and leadership pipeline.


Choose 1 class title and repeat it 3 times during a 6-hour training day.

This is a great option for mandatory training bringing together groups of up to 15 people maximum per session (so 45 people per day).  This way means less downtime out of workplace for your managers. Various time slots are available to accommodate a 24/7 business operation.


Mix up 3 different class titles for a customised 6-hour training day.

This flexible option means you can have your managers come to all 3 ‘different’ topics. This encourages better attendance because it’s seen as more relevant to the business than an ‘off-the-shelf’ package. Various 6-hour time slots available to accommodate a 24/7 business operation.


Choose just 1 class title and we’ll design it into a full 1 or 2-day course.

This option has more time to focus the content, not only on knowledge input, but also on the practical application and skills development ~ both of which are included in the design. Delivery this way means that that you can address, with confidence, specific business-critical issues.


“Empathy for employees is important — everyone goes through professional and personal struggles that can affect their work. The best managers are emotionally intelligent; they listen and have the ability to lead their teams with understanding, whether they are collocated or in a virtual environment across different time zones”

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“An effective manager will confidently take charge of their own learning goals, career path and personal effectiveness.  Self-assured managers demonstrate a positive attitude and recognise that with changing trends in the world of work, comes the need to be aware of different ways to manage people.” 

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“Lack of focus is one of the main reasons why many business teams fail to achieve their targets or make improvements. The best managers solve problems through ruthless prioritisation and maintaining consistent standards. They identify areas that will have the most impact and focus attention on those areas.”

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   Identify your business learning needs (or ask us to come in and do this for you).

   Review the micro-learning classes available across our three management areas and choose those that best meet your needs.

   Contact us and we’ll do the rest!


The micro-learning classes featured are designed for in-company use and are most useful for operational project managers and team leaders. The best place to start is for us to have a virtual meeting to discuss your needs and decide upon the delivery option that suits you best.

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The micro-learning classes are designed for in-company use.  If you’re an independent trainer, consultant, coach, small business owner or HR professional who wants to take charge of their own professional development ~ then our forthcoming SMART self-learning platform is for you.

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You may not want mix and match training, so head on over to Floor 4 and we’ll conduct a training needs analysis and design a customised learning programme