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These online courses are part of the Leaders Who Listen™ series, designed for leaders tackling complex work team challenges, navigating uncertainty, building confidence when managing and leading their teams.

Successful completion earns learners Accredited CPD Points and a Professional Development Certificate.

All of the short courses in the Leaders Who Listenseries are being refreshed and updated for 2024.


Leaders Who Listen™

The ‘Adaptive Leader’ helps teams adapt, survive, and thrive in challenging environments; whilst the ‘Servant Leader’ supports and enriches the working lives of those in their remote and virtual teams; and the ‘Intergenerational Leader’ knows how to have meaningful conversations with different members of their team, especially those from across the generational divide – recognising the need for diversity, partnership opportunities, and collaboration.

This unique leadership development training blends these three concepts together so that you can learn how to create the conditions at work that support a culture of creative thinking and improvement opportunities that thrive, through active, brave, and improved listening and better collaboration.

If you are a leader or aspire to be one, you might already realise that there are no fixed answers when working with teams of people, just improvement ideas, a positive attitude and resilience to work through adversity. This is best done when leaders listen to what is going on around them.

3 courses = Professional Development Certificate

Each online course can be purchased individually and completed at your own pace and in your own place.

Completion of one course earns 6 CPD hours. Do all of three courses + spend time in our unique LIVE Learning Impact Lab and you’ll earn 18 CPD hours and a Professional Development Certificate clearly stating that you are a Leader Who Listens.

Learners are encouraged to reflection upon what has been learnt, and more importantly what has been put into action back at work.. There is an end of course assessment highlighting the action that was taken and the impact it has made to each person, the team and their productivity, in terms of quality, cost, or time.

Course 01

Demonstrating empathy is vital in the ‘better normal’ workspace. Many will have been touched by the pandemic, leading to struggles that can affect their work. Excellent team leaders are emotionally intelligent; they listen and are able to better lead their teams with understanding, whether co-located in one space or, virtual across time zones.

Course 02

An excellent leader not only knows how to confidently take charge of their own learning and personal effectiveness, but they are self-assured, they not only demonstrate a positive attitude to others, but also recognise that with the new workspace demands, comes the awareness that to effectively lead others, they first need to start with themselves.

Course 03

Lack of focus on what your work colleagues need is one of the reasons why business teams fail to achieve their objectives and key results (OKR’s). Excellent leaders improve things through clear analysis, prioritisation, and consistently high standards. They recognise that to successfully do this in the new workspace, they need to listen carefully before changing things.

Self-Paced Online Learning + LIVE Learning Impact Lab


Self-Paced Online Learning


6 hours learning content in each course


Your pace and your place


Video Lessons, Podcasts, Articles


Learning Impact Lab + Work Challenge

These courses are developed by JFI Academy which has been recognised as a Provider of Training Excellence by the Professional Development Consortium and is a trusted source of CPD-Accredited learning activities approved by the CPD Standards Office.

The CPD-Accreditation process serves as the “Trustmark” for training and the Leaders Who Listen™  series has received this official global accreditation. This action is a process that officially recognises it as having a professionally competitive designated status in the Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Training and Learning market.

What CPD-Accreditation means for you:

  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Staying up to date with current industry trends and best practices
  • Increased confidence in yourself as a professional
  • Achievement of professional and career development targets
  • Globally recognised designation to add to your CV and social media profiles

Józefa Fawcett ~ Future Capability & Reskilling Architect