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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and changing workplace needs, we’re currently converting all of our physical class-based training courses into a series of “Interactive Online Learning” packages, in an engaging learning format.  These will be ready soon.

Demonstrating empathy is important in the workplace. Everyone goes through professional and personal struggles that can affect their work. The best managers and team leaders are emotionally intelligent; they listen and have the ability to lead their teams with understanding, whether collocated, virtual across time zones or multi-generational.

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An effective manager or team leader confidently takes charge of their own learning and personal effectiveness.  Self-assured, they demonstrate a positive attitude and recognise that with the demands of  a rapidly changing workplace, comes the awareness that to effectively manage, develop and lead others, they first need to start with themselves.

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Lack of focus is one of the main reasons why many business teams fail to achieve their targets or make improvements. The best transformation leads solve problems through clear analysis, prioritisation and maintenance of consistent high standards. They identify the areas that will have the most impact and focus attention on those areas.

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