Józefa Fawcett

Award-Winning Learning Specialist
Future Capability & Reskilling Architect
Recognised Excellence Expert™
Excellence Assessor
University Lecturer
Professional Voice-Over

Since 1980, Józefa has been involved in training and development, starting out in retail, customer services, recruitment and then the NHS health sector. She established JFI as a boutique training consultancy firm in 2002, positioning herself as a sound pair of hands for in-company training design and delivery. Expanding her range of services in 2002 she founded Józefa Fawcett International (JFI) and went on to provide guidance and support in line with her five core areas of expertise: Organisational Development & HRLearning Architecture & Design; Empathic Leadership; Agility & Excellence; and Vocal Mastery.

During the last 21 years, she has trained, facilitated, lectured, coached and mentored team leaders, operational managers, HR practitioners and L&D professionals. She’s designed in-person masterclasses, delivered management workshops, produced executive education and corporate university conferences and events, taught on postgraduate masters programmes, assessed executive leaders and HR departments.

Culturally sensitive to different environments and equally comfortable working either within project teams across time zones, or autonomously. 

Highly regarded by colleagues as an engaging facilitator, and a highly creative and innovative learning and training designer; working with clients and their business and HR teams to create valuable learning experiences that improve team productivity, quality and change.

International Focus

Józefa brings a wealth of cross sector/industry experience having worked with 19 industries across all 5 economic sectors in 38 countries on 5 continents.

PRIMARY SECTOR: (raw materials industry)

Energy, Utilities & Renewables: ENI (Italy, Kazakhstan, UK)

SECONDARY SECTOR: (manufacturing industry)

Construction: Cemex (Mexico); Waste Management: Cory Riverside (UK); Food & Beverage: ARCA, FEMSA, Danone (Mexico)

TERTIARY SECTOR: (service industry)

Transport & Logistics: DPD (Belgium), GAC (Dubai) Healthcare: NHS, Public Health (UK), Biotech (Germany); Financial Services: Lloyds Banking Group; Central European Bank (Germany); Legal Services: Nexis Lexis Legal (UK); Recruitment: Blue Arrow Employment (UK); Events: Orchid Associates Group (Europe, Asia/Middle East, Oceania); Retail & FMCG: Comet Electronics, Estee Lauder Cosmetics, Selfridges, Harrods, Peter Jones, John Lewis (UK), Chaloub Group Luxury Goods (Kuwait)

QUATERNARY SECTOR: (information industry)

Pharma & Life Sciences: Novo Nordisk (Denmark), Institute of Scientific Research (Kuwait); Education: HEI’s (UK, Estonia, Turkey, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Mexico), Professional Awarding Bodies & Associations (IHM, CIPD, UK, NAAL, Norway, IFTDO, Switzerland), EU Education & Culture Directorate (Belgium), RSVP Executive Coaching (Malaysia); Technology: British Telecom (UK), Digital Health Solutions (Germany), SAP (Ireland, Germany, Ireland); Media & Communications: Radio Leinehertz Community Radio (Germany)

QUINARY SECTOR: (human services industry)

Government: State Chancellery (Latvia), Government of the United Arab Emirates; Central & Local Government (UK); European Commission (Belgium) European School of Administration (European Council); Public Services: European Patent Office (Austria), European Regional Development Agencies (Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia); Charities: Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research (UK); Armed Forces & Emergency Services: Royal Air Force, Ministry of Defence

Professional Awards


The Business Excellence Institute is a membership body that works to help its members – be they individuals or organisations – get outstanding results for all their stakeholders. It promotes excellence in management and the Business Excellence profession and has members on 6 continents.

In March 2023, BEX reviewed Józefa Fawcett’s working practices by obtaining references and feedback from other members and clients. This feedback satisfied the Review Panel who then awarded Józefa Recognised Excellence Expert™ accreditation.

BEX Code of Conduct


Dual Accreditation of Training Excellence and CPD Standard is a unique badge of quality.  It demonstrates to clients and potential customers that Józefa Fawcett has undertaken a rigorous third-party verification of her practice, offers accredited CPD provision and supports her intention to be the best within the market. Józefa Fawcett has received independent and external verification and is approved by the CPD Standards Office to:

  • Provide CPD points to those who complete their professional reskilling and assessment as members of the JFI Academy


Independent and external verification and approved by the CPD Standards Office means that those attending webinars and keynote presentations with Józefa are eligible to apply for CPD points as part of their ongoing professional development.


TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARD x 3: IE Business School of Human Sciences & Technology Award for Teaching Excellence

2019-2020 (world’s first digital liquid award by Daniel Canogar)

2018-2019 (paper-based award)

2017-2018 (paper-based award)

GLOBAL HR EXCELLENCE (HR LEADERSHIP) AWARD 2009: from the World HRD Congress in 2009. This was presented by Dr. Ulrich Schweiker, Advisory committee, World HRD Congress, and Marc Alen, President, European Consortium for the Learning Organisation.

GLOBAL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT LEADERSHIP AWARD 2017:  from the World HRD Congress Training & Development Leadership Congress, selected to receive this, a second award.

“I continue to be amazed by the sheer dedication and massive contribution that is being made by the World HRD Congress executive committee and by Dr R. L. Bhatia, its founder. I am also deeply honoured that my work in the field of Training and HRD is visible to the board of eminent academics and practitioners from my field, and to be chosen as a recipient of their award, TWICE!  My hope is to be in a position to travel to Mumbai and speak at one of their future events, however, for now, my thanks go to the World HRD Congress and the World Training and Development Congress for this award.