The Rules of the Game

  1. Make a note of your start time ~ you’ll need it later
  2. Carefully read the scenario on the first page
  3. Open up each of the answer choices in turn
  4. Decide upon which action you would take
  5. Click on the link provided to go to the next step ~ which shows the consequence of your action 
  6. Make a note of your completion / STOP time to discuss at your de-briefing in our Action Learning Lab

How To Play

Aim of the game


Test your people management and team leadership skills with this intriguing game and it's surprising endings

Who should play the game?

Who should play the game

Managers and team leaders who want to refresh their skills in the wake of the 'new normal' workplace

You’ll learn how to…

  • Deal with absence and performance management 
  • Check your approach to managing difficult situations
  • Cope under the pressure of Objectives and Key Result (OKR) demands
  • Adapt your leadership style to suit the situation

Play Options

JOAN WILLIAMS team leadership & HRM game can be played on your own, as a work team or part of a facilitated workshop. In a social distanced class or via a virtual live class environment our exciting new learning game will challenge your thinking. When you’ve finished (or come to an end point), get de-briefed in our Action Learning Lab ~ it’s here that you’ll get to unpick your responses and discover what they mean so that you can learn even more.

On Your Own

Learn on your own and then access our Action Learning Lab for de-briefing, reflection, and next steps and you’ll discover more about your leadership style.

As A Team

Learn with your immediate team colleagues and discuss your key choices as you go, then access our Action Learning Lab for de-briefing, reflection, and next steps.

Become A Games Master

Learn how to become a qualified games master, buy a distribution licence and then use this game in your company or with your own clients and their teams.

What previous gamers have said about ‘JOAN WILLIAMS’

Charlotta Palumbo
Charlotta Palumbo
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I can’t wait to try more of these wonderful and influential learning courses in the future.
Steve Brianti
Steve Brianti
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This is a completely different way of learning for me, really interesting.