The journey continues…

I am delighted to be still working with one of my first and oldest clients since I started as a freelancer back in 2002.  Newham University Hospitals NHS Trust, as it was known then, and I, have embarked upon many different training courses and research and analysis over the years.  However, the one that brings me most pleasure is the ‘Being An Effective Manager’ programme that we designed together over 5 years ago.

Having just recently finished cohort #5 last with our now traditional individual presentations, it never ceases to amaze me just how much of an impact this programme has had on those who attend.  Not just the enjoyment from the interactions, or the Action Learning Sets they are part of that support the programme input – but the changes in their work behaviour as a result.

Being a manager in the NHS is continually challenging, in the middle ranks, even more so.  Those who progress within their own teams face particular hurdles, moving from one of the team into a ‘managerial’ role that needs to make decisions, often very difficult ones that have huge implications for the care of the patients for whom they are responsible or the carers of those patients.

Many congratulations to this last cohort for facing some of their difficulties and sharing them with me, and more importantly, overcoming them to slowly make things better – not just for themselves and their teams but also for the patients, the most important people in the NHS. I very much look forward to meeting my next cohort #6 in 2013 and continuing what is the never-ending journey that is the management of people in an admirable profession.


Until next time ~ happy learning!




Józefa Fawcett

Professional Trainer, Learning Specialist Designer & Voice-Over