An exciting, and totally unique digital living book!

On July 24 2021 I wrote this my first digital living book R.E.A.L. Empathic Learning™

It explores how empathic learning can be used in industry by trainers, change agents, managers, leaders, and mentors and in academia by educators, so as to add value to their roles and their effectiveness.

Empathic learning can have a profound impact on human behaviour, attitudes, and workplace culture by fostering improved communication, relationships, cultural sensitivity, conflict resolution, motivation, short-term change, and sustainable transformation, and of course leadership effectiveness. Getting it right goes some way to creating a better normal’ workspace that is supportive and inclusive.

What is a digital living book?  

As a self-published author I am aware that ideas are constantly being updated and print copy books can so easily become outdated and replaced by newer ideas and approaches. Refreshing print copy books takes time and so to remain agile and flexible, it made sense for me to create something that could change, adapt, evolve, and grow with the reader as they develop. The book is in a digital page-flip format with integrated video and audio recordings which brings the content off the page, and to life. Each year it is taken offline for a short while to be reviewed so as to reflect the changing times. Version control is featured at the front and so readers can be assured of the relevancy of the content. 

2024: The book is having a review and will be available again soon with many AI-powered enhancements

Józefa Fawcett ~ Author

The terms R.E.A.L. Empathic Learning™ and R.E.A.L. Adaptive Humans™ are concepts developed by Józefa Fawcett, 2021-2024

A collection of my experiences working as an independent freelance learning consultant.

For 20 years I have worked internationally and met some amazing people who share my passion for providing excellent people and organisational learning experiences.

In this first book I bring their voices together, and entwined with mine create a fabulous collection of stories. I also introduce the concept of R.E.A.L.  

In addition to the collection of stories, I’ve also sifted through international research papers across this field, and applied these papers to my own working experiences. 

The sum total is this book. I hope that you enjoy it. 

2024 Update: 

The support material is being produced during 2024 and when available will help you apply the concepts and ideas from the book in your own workplace context.

A workbook with 10 downloadable tools that you can use to embrace R.E.A.L. Empathic Learning™ in your workspace.


6 online micro-learning courses to compliment each of the sections. With these you’ll take the content even further, and stretch your mind to lots of different possibilities that can be used in your workplace today, and more importantly, in the future.

CPD Points to add to your professional development portfolio. No other book gives you CPD points just for reading it, but this one does, however there is only one catch. 

You have to complete the ‘Empathic Learning Moments’ at the end of each section and attend at least two sessions of the ‘Learning Impact Lab’ before you can submit your CPD request form.

LIVE support in our unique Learning Impact Lab you join a minimum of TWO Labs, share your actions and what you have learned, and then earn CPD points.

2024: The Learning Impact Lab is having a refresh and will be back with dates of sessions soon.

CPD Points & Certificate

After you have read the book and attended the Learning Impact Lab, then you’ll be able to claim CPD points (accredited by CPD Standards Office, UK). Download the English version of the CPD learning evidence document or use the links below for your chosen language. Complete with your learning insights and send it through for validation.