What is a weekend?

It seems that UK weekends are becoming ever more eroded by business conversations, and the line between home and work is blurring faster than perhaps we care to admit.  Of course, technology has played its part in this shift, but so has the way that people are choosing to work these days.  As an independent […]

Creating three ‘virtual’ me’s

The learning journey continues… I am really enjoying undertaking a total re-brand and in so doing creating a series of virtual ‘me’ images to eventually use as part of the different learning, training, knowledge and speaking offerings. Watching my extremely talented illustrator at work creating these illustrations is a dream, Rowena Aitken you are so […]

Massive change to HEI on the way

The learning journey continues… It seems that HE Universities will need to watch their backs if the latest developments in free Ivy League level education takes hold. Coursera, founded by Stanford computer scientists Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng and providing FREE online education, has since July 18, attracted even more content — at least 100 […]

Having a good teacher means everything

                Me and Steve Collins in 1992     The journey continues… Over the last 20 years, I have been on an amazing learning journey of academic discovery. I left school with just a clutch of what were once called ‘O’ levels (now GCSE’s) and a passion to […]