LearningVoice Ltd

Established in 2002, and formerly known as The POL Experience prior to registration as a limited company, In 2022, LearningVoice celebrated 20 years in business. During this time a range of specialist learning spaces have evolved in their own right. Each of these are underpinned by the original focus ~ a blend of Professional and Organisational Learning Experiences.

Today, organisations and independent learners can each find a service or product to meet their specific learning needs :

Professional Learning & Training Consulting    Learning Content Design    Digital Learning with Micro Credentials & Accredited CPD    Excellence Assessment    Management and Leadership Development    Pracademic Lecturing    Serious Learning Games    Voice-Over Recording    Bespoke Event Podcasting    

Online Learning Options for Business Professionals

Micro Learning, Leadership Training, Professional Development for Trainers, Learning Content Design, Business Excellence Assessment. Delivered in-person and online. Book now.

JFI Store website

An online membership-based learning platform with adaptive learning content designed to meet different levels of professional manager, team leader, mentor, HR and L&D. Book now.

JFI Academy website

Since 2015, JFI Radio LIVE has been podcasting news, interviews and opinions about the ever-changing state of business training, organisational learning, education from around the globe. Book now.

JFI Radio website

Voice Over Services & Learning Consultancy Support

The worlds’ only mother & son Voice-Over team available to record online tutorials, promotional films, audio books etc.

BusinessVocals website

Interim HR and L&D support and business consulting services upon request.

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Serious Learning Games for Workforce Teams

Serious learning games are targeted and focused on a specific skill, core competency, or task, while eLearning gamification uses game mechanics to track performance/progress and spark intrinsic motivation on a larger scale. Both use some of the principles of leader boards, digital badges, collection of points, and incentives to make the learning fun and engaging.

A simple, yet powerful branched learning scenario experience which focuses on how to manage people and teams in a business context. Discover the effect of your choices, the complexity that is people management, and how to cope in a crisis.

A cartoon-based workshop delivered online and based upon a fictitious organisation called “The Company” who are starting their business excellence journey. Told as a 10-part story and presented as a cartoon with self-paced learning points along the way.

A board game created with funding from the European Commission and in collaboration with project partners from European Regional Development Agencies. Played with project managers, MBA students and politicians around Europe for the last 10 years.

Personal Research and Publications

Independent research to inform a series of ‘digital living’ book publications, pracademic lecturing, business excellence, and work in the field of Open Education.

JFI Research

First publication in July 2021 as a ‘digital living’ book, updated annually with interactive learning points.

Second ‘digital living’ book is currently in progress and due 2025, updated annually with interactive learning points.

A series of small interactive ‘digital living’ workbooks will be available in early 2025, to turn the R.E.A.L, concept, into action.

20 year celebration

LearningVoice is very proud to have celebrated 20 years in business in 2022. During that time providing an ever-evolving choice of training, teaching, learning, developing, and excellence assessment to clients around the world in 38 countries, on 5 continents and from 19 industry sectors!  

So where’s next?