You have decided to ask the team leader in Joan’s previous department what their experience was like with Joan, they say:

“Joan Williams? Why I know her very well. I think a lot of her too. She was one of my best team members and I was sorry to see her go. If it hadn’t been a promotion for her, then I would have really tried to keep her. How is she doing anyway? I hear she married a widower with two teenage children. That’s really a ready-made family”.

What would you do now?

Which of the steps listed below would you take? 

Open each one in turn and decide which to take in response to the problem above. Use the link in your chosen response to see the consequence of your action.

Call Joan aside on her return and have a talk with her.

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Ask some of the team in your department who work with Joan if they know what her problem might be.

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Discuss the matter with your immediate line manager.

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Transfer Joan at the next opportunity.

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