The world of learning through webinars

As I go through the audio set up in preparation for a training webinar series that my colleague is starting today, it makes me wonder about just how widely used webinars are going to be used in the future. They’ve certainly become very popular during the last few years as a vehicle for training and […]

Audio Book Lifeline

The learning journey continues… I was shocked to read today about Brighton Council, here in the UK, scrapping their talking book service as a cost cutting measure.  What is so upsetting about this move, is the fact that many people who have sight problems find great comfort from such services, as it often offers an insight into […]

Working to repair my vocal onset

My VO learning journey continues… …with a first session with my new vocal coach, Gary Owston, Voice and Speech Tutor at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, who is just amazingly wonderful at extracting the ‘best bits’ of my slightly damaged voice as the result of an ongoing cold and hacking cough.  The sun was shining […]