My VO learning journey continues…

…with a first session with my new vocal coach, Gary Owston, Voice and Speech Tutor at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, who is just amazingly wonderful at extracting the ‘best bits’ of my slightly damaged voice as the result of an ongoing cold and hacking cough.  The sun was shining on the school as I arrived in Bristol yesterday, which in itself lifted my spirits to the heavens.  Then meeting Gary was the pinnacle of the day.  To say that he is going to be tremendous for me is an understatement.

We started work by analysing my VOCAL PITCH, and discovered that I have a habit of over compensating that needs to be addressed and brought back to an optimum pitch, which can be done with a few well chosen exercises.  I was practising these all the way home in the car, and must have looked a real funny sight to those driving by.

Next we focused on VOCAL ONSET where my breath meets my vocal folds and are looking to achieve more of a ‘modal’ and not a ‘breathy’ sound.  I ‘got’ it right away and apparently a good level for me is Bb (that’s B flat to all of you who, like me, might know nothing about music). Just cannot wait for our next lesson.  In the meantime, all that is needed is for me to practice, practice and practice.


Until next time ~ happy learning!




Józefa Fawcett

Professional Trainer, Learning Specialist Designer & Voice-Over