Taking a chance to try new things

The picture in this post has a great back story.  It was taken in 2002, and featured in the local press, recording the opening, by the then Mayor of Bracknell, of one of my first Knowledge Management Centres in Berkshire, here in the UK.  At that time, I was Head of Organisational Development in the […]

Creating three ‘virtual’ me’s

The learning journey continues… I am really enjoying undertaking a total re-brand and in so doing creating a series of virtual ‘me’ images to eventually use as part of the different learning, training, knowledge and speaking offerings. Watching my extremely talented illustrator at work creating these illustrations is a dream, Rowena Aitken you are so […]

Józefa meets Josefa in Vienna!

Just spent two days working with the European Patent Office in Vienna and who did I meet there?  A lovely lady called Josefa. In all of my working life, I have never actually met another Józefa and so I am delighted to introduce one to you from the EPO Vienna.  This was a great experience, […]