The Positive Scoop

An exciting new approach to personal development, discovery and business growth. 

At The Positive Scoop, we work with many realities and look for ways to help you learn how to share your ‘best self’ with your team, your organisation and with your business contacts.

Our fluid and adaptable approach to value coaching enables you to banish negative self-talk and assumptions, and jolts you into a more positive cycle, one that creates real personal change in you, and those around you. At the end of this unique experience, you’ll embrace what makes you exceptional, acknowledge the attitudinal shifts needed in your life. You will learn how to push boundaries and become agile, ready to take on, and more importantly create, a ‘better normal’ than the one we are all living and working in right now.

We all need more joy in our lives. We also need to reconnect with others but first, we need to reconnect with ourselves. This new initiative is a collaborative partnership between two seasoned and experienced learning and coaching consultants who have worked around the world. Wim Focquet runs ‘Happy Performance’ and is based in Belgium. Józefa Fawcett manages JFI (Store, Radio and Academy) and is based in the UK.

We speak your language. We empathise with your challenges. We support you through change. We offer you something different.

More very soon….

Wim and Józefa