Expert Interviews

In the book I’ve included highlights from a series of interviews that I have conducted with friends of mine from around the world, who also happen to be Subject Matter Experts (SME) in their respective professional fields.

Below is the full footage from the interviews (with their consent) and contact details if you wish to discuss their topic in more depth.

Section 1:   Chapter 2.2          “Empathy Starts Young

2.2.1 ‘How young brains develop empathy’ with Dr Lynda Shaw, Neuroscientist, UK

Contact details:

Section 1:   Chapter 2.2          “Empathy Starts Young

2.2.2 ‘Future citizens’ with Torunn Gjelsvik & Ebba Ossiannilsson, ICDE, Norway 

Section 3: Chapter 6.2          “Manager 5.0”

6.2.2 ‘Project manage what matters’ with Maxim Teryukhov, Project Lead, Sberbank, Russia

Section 4: Chapter 8.1            “Welcome to the empathy economy”

8.1.1 ‘Global response to the empathy economy’ with Jacqui Taylor, Flying Binary, UK

Section 4: Chapter 8.2          “Innovative disruption”

8.2.1 ‘Enable a steady stream of ideas’ with Ernst Hoestra, Erasmus Institute, Nederlands

Section 5: Chapter 9.2            “Holistic hybrid mentoring”

9.2.1 ‘Mentoring in a new era’ with Kevin Schwenker, Canada

Section 5: Chapter 10.1            “Taking the temperature of your workforce”

10.1.2 ‘The listening pulse’ with Ghita Haloui, Belgium