You have transferred Joan at the first opportunity you got, and that got rid of the problem nicely, didn’t it?

But what about how this looked to the rest of the team? They’ve been watching the way that you handled the situation and wondering, if they put a foot wrong, are they next on the transfer list? Think about what this does for morale in the team and subsequently, their performance.

Also consider how well you fulfilled your responsibility as a manager. What will this do to your position and relationship with other managers in the company, especially if you get known for transferring ‘troublesome’ employees to them.

If you feel satisfied with your decision, then STOP here. This exercise can teach you no more. But we can. Take a short cut straight to our ‘Leaders Who Listen’ series of training courses on Floor 2 at JFI Store, to reconsider, and possibly refresh, your management and team leadership skills.

However, if upon reflection you think that you’d benefit from exploring a different ending to this one, and further test your people management skills, then take the action below.

So, with regards the problem of Joan, you’ve simply transferred her, she’s someone else’s problem now, at least this managerial issue is dealt with, but is it?

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Here are some shortcuts that will take you into 7 different endings hidden inside this training game.

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