After your comment to Joan she doesn’t say anything at the time but goes directly to work.

That afternoon one of the team tells you that Joan has been telling everyone else in the team how badly you have been treating her. Later that same afternoon as you pass Joan, you catch a fleeting gesture made behind your back. The other team members laugh, and when you turn around Joan appears to be attending to a complex piece of work with her head down and avoiding your glance.

What would you do now?

Which of the steps listed below would you take? 

Open each one in turn and decide which to take in response to the problem above. Use the link in your chosen response to see the consequence of your action.

Do nothing, key your eye on Joan Williams while continuing your rounds.

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Find out from the team who laughed to tell you what happened.

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Warn Joan that she had better focus on her work and forget about making comments behind your back.

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Call Joan over to a more private place and ask her what is on her mind.

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Tell Joan that she is dismissed.

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