The Human Resources representative has agreed to attend the meeting between you and Joan and after listening to everything says:  

“Well, Joan’s story sounds complex however it’s probably best that you both try to work it out yourselves, why don’t you talk it over and then let’s see how it all pans out. I see no reason to be involved any further at this stage as this is a departmental issue.”

HR person leaves the meeting.

Which of the steps listed below would you take? 

Open each one in turn and decide which to take in response to the problem above. Use the link in your chosen response to see the consequence of your action.

After the HR representative leaves the meeting you tell Joan that you’ll find another time to talk further about this once the situation has calmed down a little bit.

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After the HR representative leaves the meeting, sit tight, say nothing – as it’s just you and Joan in the room.

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