This is where you STOP.  Joan’s problem raises some interesting questions which you can discuss in our debriefing mentoring service (as part of this purchased course). The scheduled days and times of these are on our Action Learning Lab page.

During our mentoring debriefing, we’ll unpick your responses, what they mean to you as a manager that is trying to satisfy upper management and their demands, as well as how your behaviour affects the wellbeing of Joan, and the rest of the team.

Our conversation menu is as follows:

Now that you know some of Joan’s difficulties, is it easier or harder to handle the situation, and why?

Do you feel the company should have a wellbeing policy in place to provide support for those in the workforce who either have their own challenging issues, or are affected by those who are close to them in their personal lives?

What have you learned about your management style during this scenario, and do you like what you’ve discovered about yourself?

If this was a real situation, do you know where to go in your own company for help and support, and if not, why not?

How much easier or harder would this have been to resolve if your workforce was working remotely post-COVID?

What role does empathy play in this scenario and what is the difference between this and sympathy?

You might be interested in how this scenario could have turned out differently.

Here are some shortcuts that will take you into 7 different endings hidden inside this training game.

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So, what's next?

Completing this you’re beginning to realise how important it is to reskill your own capabilities and take charge of your own personal development journey, especially as we enter a challenging ‘new normal’ in the workplace, post-COVID 2020.

So now that you’ve experienced our JOAN WILLIAMS A-Mazing Training Game, you’re ready to progress further. Take a look at our personal and professional learning development platform at ‘JFI Academy’

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