You have warned Joan that any more comments like those she has made, you will have to escalate the situation to HR, and the situation will be dealt with at that level.  Joan is visibly upset and shaking and replies:

“That’s what I mean by everybody being on my back. Well I don’t have to take this from you as well, so I’m leaving”

Joan then heads for the exit with tears in her eyes, everyone in the team witnessed her exit and are looking directly at you.

Which of the steps listed below would you take? 

Open each one in turn and decide which to take in response to the problem above. Use the link in your chosen response to see the consequence of your action.

At this point, how do you feel?

That you might have handled yourself and the situation better somewhere along the line.

If you would like a chance to retrace your steps and see what could have been done differently, use the link to try again

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That you did what any manager of a team would have done to correct poor attendance and subsequent performance issues, it is important to lead by example and show others in the team that you will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

It can be difficult to manage a team and show them the leadership needed to motivate them to perform to the best of their ability. There will always be situations outside of your management and leadership control – but this was not one of them.

Take time to reflect upon how you could have handled this differently as it doesn’t show great leadership to have people leave in this manner, in fact it can do more harm than good as replacing staff can be costly, even from within the company.

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Here are some shortcuts that will take you into 7 different endings hidden inside this training game.

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