You ask Joan if she has talked about it to her husband.  She says:

“Yes, but he is so wrapped up in his two kids that he won’t listen. Of course, I knew that I would have problems when we married, especially as he was a widower with children, but I didn’t expect this”

What would you do now?

Which of the steps listed below would you take? 

Open each one in turn and decide which to take in response to the problem above. Use the link in your chosen response to see the consequence of your action.

Explain that you are glad that she realises the seriousness of this situation and how it is affecting many things and hopes that she can make him see it too – make it clear that you hope that she will try to do better at work.

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Empathise with Joan by explaining that you can imagine that it must be pretty tough being married to a widower with children.

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Say nothing but continue to listen.

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