JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ our online radio show is involved in UNESCO’s World Radio Day on 13 February 2018, and as you can see from the map below, radio stations from around the world use this as an opportunity to highlight the value of radio today.



The 2018 theme is ‘Radio and Sports’ and one aspect they are highlighting is the plight of women in sports broadcasting and other sports-related areas as being particularly difficult for women to succeed in.  UNESCO wants to encourage more people in media production to ‘hand the mic’ to women broadcasters.

At JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ we’ve decided to extend this theme beyond simply sports and sports broadcasting and our intent is to ‘hand our mic’ to women in business around the world.  Giving them a chance to celebrate the contribution they make and share their insights with the next cadre of young women just about to enter the business workplace ~ the Gen Z’s.


So why this topic?

It seems that barely a day can go by where there isn’t a new media report outlining inequality of behaviour, pay or worse still, abuse.  But is this what the next generation of women in business have to contend with?

We at JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ say “NO”


Join us throughout the day Tuesday 13 February 2018 and listen to  our short ‘LIVE’ broadcasts each one 30-40 minutes.  We start the day at 05,00h (GMT) then again at 07,00h; 09,00h; 11,00h and so on every two hours up until the last broadcast at 21,00h.


I’ll be offering my own informal chat and opinions about women in training, learning and quality improvement and then sharing small vignettes collected from my 25 wonderful business women around the world!  So please, join me when you can at any point during the day – that date again is:


Tuesday 13 February 2018 starting at 05,00h GMT 


In the audio streamer on the website page is a white chat bubble so you can even ask questions live while I’m broadcasting or just say “hi” ~ you will be most welcome 🙂



Thank you for your support in giving women around the world a business voice!

Józefa Fawcett ~ Producer and Presenter, JFI Radio ‘LIVE’