A performer is only as good as the production team behind them and in so doing makes sure to surround themselves with the best support that they can find – to coach and mentor, to guide, critique and congratulate.  Well I am very fortunate to have created an illustrious team to support me on my journey towards becoming a successful VO recording artist.



Fergus McClelland, was a child film actor (Sammy Goes South, 1963); TV star (Emergency Ward 10 and Z Cars,1968); Business Speaker/Coach and Vice-President of the Professional Speaking Association. He is superb at helping people use their speaking voice effectively and expert at recording, editing and production.




Gary Owston, is a voice and speech tutor specialising in teaching accents to students at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, originally opened in 1946 by Sir Laurence Olivier.  Gary helps actors learn how to sound different and from our first meeting I knew he would be able to extend my range, pitch and tone in order to make MY voice sound interesting and varied.




And finally, Kevin Delaney, an actor and VO living and working in Hollywood. He has performed character voices for Looney Tunes, Warner Home Video, ScoobyDoo.com, Disney on Ice, Fox Sports Net, Cartoon Network and many more.  His knowledge about auditioning and the commercial side of VO is second to none. Kevin is helping me create a more varied portfolio of genres including infomercials.

Now, all it leaves me to do is to practice, listen to the guidance and direction from my ‘support team’ and start laying down some audio tracks.



Until next time ~ happy learning!




Józefa Fawcett

Professional Trainer, Learning Specialist Designer & Voice-Over