“An effective 4.0 manager and team leader will confidently take charge of their own learning, career path and personal effectiveness.  Self-assured, they’ll demonstrate a positive attitude and recognise that with the demands of industry 4.0 comes the awareness that to effectively manage, develop and lead others, they first need to start with themselves.”

9 different micro-learning topics, each designed to develop the key skills to be a leader, manager, facilitator, mentor or coach.  Suitable for those currently in these roles or those that are newly appointed.

Overview of session

Discover and develop your own unique 4.0 management style and traits and learn how to make the most of your strengths, while at the same time identifying the areas that you could make even better.

Overview of session

Take the first step into a new and exciting 4.0 management and team leadership role and learn some fundamental skills that will prepare you for the future of work across an Industry 4.0 landscape.

Learn some valuable skills in how to mentor others within your 4.0 organisation whilst at the same time, gaining new insights into your own working practices.

Use your current skills in a coaching capacity; guiding and supporting your coachees using a range of active listening and gentle challenging skills to help them to adjust to the new demands that will be coming during the transition to Industry 4.0.

The famous Hungarian ruler of the Huns from 434 until his death in March 453, demonstrated powerful leadership traits that hold just as true today; so come and find out about the Attila approach and how relevant it is to support the digital transformation agenda.

Be the kind of 4.0 manager and team leader that is visible in the workplace, but not obstructive and knows what’s happening across the department, demonstrating confidence in the team to lead and support change.

DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats is a simple process that can help you become productive and focused. Come and learn how to redirect your thoughts when in conversations and business meetings so that you get faster solutions to problems and work issues.

Effective 4.0 managers and team leaders will need effective analytical and reflective practice skills so as to think things through and put in place plans that save time and avoid mistakes. Learn how to use reflection-in-action for yourself, and how to pass on these skills to your team.

Don’t let regulation strangle your innovative practice or that of your team. Learn how to work with compliance through the application of Appreciative Inquiry and discover how to focus on positive aspects of working practice to correct negatives.