Inside this toolkit is our unique 4-step learning transfer model that supports the development of an organisational learning 4.0 culture and combats the waste of potential talent, creative ideas and innovative practice in the workplace.


Published research from academia and industry all cite that to create and develop an atmosphere in the workplace that inspires people to develop new solutions that bring value to the client and business, your workforce needs to have a growth mindset and for this you need to cultivate a sustainable organisational learning culture.

Our toolkit uses ‘Agile’ learning methodology to help you to create excellent training design and high-impact training delivery (inputs) which – when done well – lets the learning that comes from it make a real difference to team productivity, leadership capability and the quality of products and services (outputs).

Purchase the toolkit for your organisation, or book us to facilitate an in-company workshop, either way you’ll be guided through:

  • Understanding the concept of ‘Learning Excellence’ within the workplace
  • The power of self-directed learning
  • How to encourage the workforce to take control of their learning
  • Shaping a culture of ‘Learning Excellence’
  • Training and learning the ‘Agile’ way
  • Creativity and innovation in practice (case study)

Industry 4.0 recognises that what’s needed in the current business climate is the organisational mindset to drive change and workforce capability to manage the digital transformation agenda.  Your starting point is creating Learning Excellence.