One really BIG problem facing most businesses around the world is the lack of action taken back in the workplace. Published research from executive business schools and independent surveys show that 6 months after workplace training only 50% of learning is transferred into action, and at least 80% of the innovative ideas gained during leadership courses, is lost.

We think this is such a waste!

As an award-winning Learning Specialist, Consultant & Trainer for over 34 years, Józefa Fawcett, Chief Learning Architect at JFI works hard to address this problem by continuously supporting the development of managerial & leadership capability, professional HRM, L&D and business excellence.

For business training to be seen as making a real difference, there needs to be three critical elements in place;  these are simple to say, yet difficult to achieve:

1. Effective training design, content and delivery
2. Efficient use of new learning ideas in the workplace
3. Appropriate mindset (managers and leaders) to enable and support changes in practice

Create the right learning environment at work and you’ll enable your people managers and team leaders to do their jobs to the best of their ability, which in turn means they’ll increase productivity, support change and improve quality of operational services.  Manage them well, let them demonstrate their potential and you’ll feed your talent management pipeline and produce future executive leaders that are able to manage high performing teams.


We work closely with our clients to understand your people, capability and business excellence learning needs and how these relate to your strategic priorities.

We develop a strategic training plan, tailored to reinforce your values and incorporating our own unique range of traditional, blended and online learning options, to provide a relevant and high impact learning experience.

We review your HR, learning & training capacity to assess how equipped it is to scale up and roll out your training plan.

We support the people in your organisation who train, coach, lead and facilitate teams, our focus being on areas such as people management, employee engagement, customer experience, quality improvement and digital transformation.

We maximise your investment in training and we work with you to create real, tangible results that support your business and its growth.


The JFI Learning Village  is our ‘virtual’ home, where you can find a selection of training, learning and business excellence products and services, many of which we’ve been delivering to clients around the world since 2002 these include:

  • Training courses and learning games (JFI Store)
  • Self-paced digital learning and live online learning for managers, leaders and training practitioners (JFI Academy) ~ coming in 2019
  • Learning podcasts (JFI Radio)
  • Worldwide research (JFI Research)
  • An exciting interactive learning & capability community (JFI Café) ~ coming in 2019
  • Recorded Voice-Over for online tutorials, product sales films, instructional videos (BusinessVocals)
  • Transnational learning project management (LearningVoice)

Everything we do is designed to support those in managerial, quality improvement, project team leadership and L&D/HR roles.

WE DELIVER.  More than training

For business & organisations who want tangible results from their people management training. JFI Store provides training courses, learning games and services that make a real difference to productivity.

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WE TEACH.  More than skills.

Self-managed SMART LEARNING for professional practitioners who lead, manage, speak and train others.  JFI Academy provides an online self-managed SMART LEARNING platform membership package with access to EVERYTHING!  (pilot 2018, launch v1.0 2019)

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WE SHARE.  More than words.

Listen to world news about business training, learning technologies and quality improvement.  JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ is a monthly online radio broadcast that shares news, views and international interviews with some amazingly knowledgeable people who are driving change around the world.

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WE EXPLORE.  More than facts.

Understand why performance, sustainable quality improvement and change fails.  JFI Research explores, through private research, some of the results and activities that are underpinning business changes, and shares them with you as guidance documents to inform your strategic training process.

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WE DISCUSS.  More than ideas. 

JFI Café facilitates live online learning conversations with managers, team leaders, L&D and HR sharing experiences about business training, learning technologies and continuous quality improvement (café doors open 2019).

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WE APPEAR. Around the world.

JFI Learning Village is nuzzled in an anonymous ‘virtual’ leafy green village of buildings containing a wide range of learning opportunities to develop the skills of people managers and leaders.

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Since 2002, JFI has worked with clients from many industries: oil & gas, logistics, education, professional associations, healthcare, luxury goods, retail, local and national government bodies, armed forces and across public, private and third sector organisations in the UK and abroad ~ in fact in 35 countries on four continents!