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We’re fascinated by why some business teams don’t achieve their KPI’s and why change often fails.  Our research focuses on three specific areas of interest and the interplay between them:


  1. Learning Technologies~ looking at creative ways to use online learning, artificial intelligence and game-based learning
  2. Ethnolinguistic Diversity~ exploring how language affects business communication and behaviour in virtual teams
  3. Organisational & HR Effectiveness ~ using quality frameworks to enable business excellence and support change


We use our findings as inspiration in JFI Learning Village  as it’s here that we transfer our learning into the design of new products and consultancy services to improve the quality of training design and delivery, encourage creative team thinking and enable innovative practice back in the workplace.


With patterns of business working being subject to change, never before has the pace been more rapid than now.  The driving force comes from both organisations, who want to change the way their employees’ work is organised to better suit business needs, and from individuals who want to achieve a better balance between work and home life.  This will change employment contracts, career progression paths and team working.  This growing trend for on demand employment (or the gig economy) will bring a workforce who provide their services on a short-term/flexible basis either in person or remotely via a digital platform technologies.  HR departments may well find themselves hiring independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees.  A gig economy could undermine the traditional approach of employing full-time workers who rarely change positions and instead focus on a lifetime portfolio career.

So with these changes around the corner, how is HR viewed and what is its place in the organisation?

In 2013 (cycle #1) and each year since, we’ve been asking C-level executives, HR, Training, OD and other associated professionals their views about HR.  We want to know how the function is seen through the eyes of those who experience and use it as well as those who work in it.

So can you help us to continue to capture the HR mood?


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Anglia Ruskin University London (UK)