WE TEACH. More than skills.

JFI Academy is an “interactive online learning space”  for those who want to take charge of their CPD (continuing professional development) and further their team management and leadership career.  This self-paced learning platform has been specifically designed for:

  • Managers
  • New leaders
  • HR professionals
  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Facilitators
  • Learning designers
  • Project managers
  • Quality improvement officers
  • Chief learning officers
  • Public speakers
  • Academics


Whether you’re working in a company or as a freelancer navigating your career in the gig economy; an SME servicing a niche client base; a Global Corporate, Business School, Government / Inter-Governmental Body or Public Sector Organisation, there’s something for all of you inside JFI Academy.

Get access to the learning that you need ~ WHEN you need it.  There are three levels of ‘developmental mentoring’ provided by Academy Director, Józefa Fawcett.


You’re just starting out on your journey as a team leader, manager, project co-ordinator or in-house HR professional working in a training or facilitation role.  You may have only been in post for 24 months or less ~ if so, then this learn zone is designed just for you. Here you can get to grips with some essential foundation learning topics that will fast-track you in your chosen career path.


You’re probably already working as a team leader, manager or HR professional in a training or facilitation role with between 2-5 years’ experience and have a fairly good level of knowledge and skills ~ if so, then this learn zone is designed just for you.  Here you can sharpen those talents and prepare yourself for that next step up the business career ladder or maybe even start to think about running your own business.


You’re probably well established in your role as a team leader, manager or HR professional in a training or facilitation role and have between 5 – 10 years of working experience, maybe even with a level of seniority and several direct reports ~ if so, then this learn zone is designed just for you.  Enhance your management skills, expand your network of contacts or maybe even start to train, teach or mentor others.


Józefa Fawcett knows a thing or two about designing and delivering high impact business training.  As a working professional for over 35 years, she’s helped 000’s around the world (35 countries on four continents so far) by sharing her own approach to professional development and working with trainers, coaches, mentors, facilitators, managers, team leaders and speakers.


She wants to combat complacency and waste of training and the creative ideas that are unleashed.  She aims to do this by:

  1. Improving the quality and standard of online courses and webinars to stimulate learners to take action back at work and make a real difference to productivity and performance
  2. Focusing on knowledge creation and development so that it increases organisational memory and supports sustainable workplace change
  3. Raising the quality and standard of training delivery and create a new cadre of highly skilled learning specialists
Through the JFI Academy YOU can experience Józefa’s unique talent in helping you to learn new stuff, great stuff, stuff that will improve your career advancement, job opportunities and help you to work at something you’ve always wanted to achieve.
Don’t just take our word for it, her army of fans around the world think she’s pretty special when it comes to helping them learn!