Two essential business skills much needed these days are presenting and public speaking, whether you’re pitching to a client to win new business, presenting results at a business or team meeting or on a stage at a trade show.  Supportive vocal coaching can remove any blocks and barriers that stand between you and your voice being the best that it can be.  Together we’ll work on how you can deliver your message with renewed confidence and impact.



  • Learn how to sound natural behind a microphone on webinars and podcasts
  • Discover ways to record yourself speaking on camera for online learning courses and talking head videos
  • Practice ‘on stage’ speaking and storytelling to audiences
  • Create clear and compelling sales presentations to pitch to potential new clients and/or tenders


  • Deliver your message with a voice that conveys authority, motivation and dynamism
  • Explore how to adapt your voice to the situation whether public speaking, presenting or teaching
  • Discover ways to protect your voice from damage when using it regularly to speak in public
  • Practice fun ways to make your voice sound interesting to listen to

If you want to learn how to train rather than present see our  Trainer and Speaker Skills Development


Whether speaking ‘LIVE’ or recording your voice ~ here are just some of the areas that can be included in your vocal coaching sessions:

How To Use Your Voice Effectively When Speaking ‘LIVE’

  • Understanding the relationship between breathing and your voice, feeling and thought
  • Releasing tension and blocks to your voice
  • Greater vocal range and clarity of speech
  • Clarify and define your key messages
  • Build rapport with a live audience
  • Learn and practice powerful visuals that blend with your voice, rather than detract
  • Gain confidence and skill in structuring your own story to tell on stage
  • Work with your own voice to breathe life into your words
  • Prosody, Intonation, Pace and Pause a feedback model we’ve used for 30 years!

How To Use Your Voice Effectively When Behind The Mic

  • Controlling your breathing, to prevent a gaspy in-breath between sentences
  • Develop vocal expressivity and pitch range
  • Improve clarity, resonance and a richer tone for recording
  • Understand the impact of posture and gesture on voice and speech
  • Develop a personalised voice warm up
  • Keep your audience interested
  • Read your story with chunks of meaning and vocal punctuation
  • Put stress and emphasis on the right words
  • Find the right vocal tone for your programme
  • Sound like you are being authentic and avoid repetitive ‘newsreader voice’


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  • Each individual vocal coaching session lasts for 90 minutes and cost £125 per session
  • There’s also 3-month package of weekly individual vocal coaching sessions (12) for £1100*
  • Team coaching is priced up depending on need so please use the form below to request a quote **

*  The 3-month individual coaching package saves you £300!

** Additional charges for team coaching include travel: UK train or car mileage using Approved Mileage Allowance Payments (AMAPs) of 45p per mile. Accommodation costs will also apply if coaching requires an overnight stay or takes place outside of the UK.


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“I don’t just do vocal coaching, I’m a regular keynote speaker and MC co-producing business conferences and company events and have spoken in 34 countries on four continents!  I spend a lot of my spare time behind a microphone doing voice-over recordings  for promotional videos, online tutorials and audio books and since 2014, I’ve been a guest on Radio Leinehertz 106.5 in Hannover, Germany.  Here in the UK, I produce and host my own online monthly broadcast JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ ~ so as you can see speaking really IS my business, and like most Professional Coaches I’m committed to my own ongoing learning and CPD


“Having been asked to speak at a conference recently I was a little uncomfortable when they requested a hybrid presentation. At first I thought that the technical aspects would be a problem, but that was all fine. What did concern me was how to keep the audience engaged when looking at a screen rather than interacting with a human being. Józefa’s services as a business vocal coach saved the day. She taught me ways to use my voice to the greatest effect and the audience were with me 100%, an excellent result!”

Dr Lynda Shaw CPsychol Business Neuroscientist

A vocal coach might not meet your personal development needs right now, so head back to Floor 3 for trainer and speaker skills development workshops