Our extensive range of specialist training workshops cover tips and techniques for designing class-based and/or online training courses as well as a wide range of skills to deliver this training in-person and online.  Gain confidence to effectively train, facilitate and guide group learning activities.

If you expect your managers and leaders to do public speaking at a conference, present information during the on-boarding and induction process, or a full-days training, then enhancing their vocal skills and learning a technique or two could make the difference between an ‘ok’ experience and one that makes people sit up, listen and take action.


18 highly specialised workshops designed for in-company training and HR teams *

The content will be of most value to those who speak in public, deliver presentations, facilitate group meetings, deliver training (class-based) and create live and self-paced online learning. Your company can mix and match these to make up the length of training course that is needed with a focus on current business learning needs right now.

Suitable for in-company managers, leaders, project managers and those working in HR and Learning & Development functions at varying levels of expertise in this professional area.  Delivered in-person at a location to suit you and your learners.

* If you’re not employed in a company, then see JFI Academy to access a range of open public specialist workshops for training and HR professionals.

For those who want to find their own professional voice to speak publicly in-person and as a hybrid speaker at conferences.

For those who are just starting out as presenters and want to learn how to structure a presentation; choose visual aids such as PowerPoint, Prezi and Padlet to support a clear and consistent message; explore different presentation styles and approaches and some breathing techniques to calm nerves.

For project owners and team leaders who are also ‘Scrum Masters’ running daily Kanbans, weekly sprints, retrospectives and forward planning, who have to both present and facilitate group discussions live and online.

For those who want to learn how facilitation can support team development.  Discover how to gently, yet assertively, open yourself and others to the possibilities of change.  Get involved and share experiences and how they shape behaviour and attitude.  Move away from hierarchy towards a more creative way to facilitate in a variety of situations.

Learning how to adapt your knowledge of how to facilitate and use to support Action Learning Sets (ALS) in your workplace. It’s a powerful tool that can influence and support the ALS process.

For new and aspiring trainers who want to learn how to create focused, structured and transformation training events.  Working through a challenging case study and exploring a myriad of ways to develop training that will make a difference in the workplace.

For the existing trainer who wants to learn techniques for company data collection as part of a training needs analysis and then collate and review data, present findings and design a clear aim, training objectives and learning outcomes.  Included in this training are approaches to building in evaluation methods that can be applied before the training even starts.

Knowing how to design traditional class-based training sessions is still very much in demand by many organisations.  This course teaches participants the key requirements, effective skills, models and knowledge that they need to design training that is factually correct and context specific.  You will also learn how to package your training in a way that is easily understood and makes the most impact upon your learners.

Effective live online learning and self-paced digital learning is so much more than just uploading video or slide decks into a learning management system (LMS) or putting in place simple memorisation tests through random testing.  For digital learning to be successful and have the most impact it needs to be created using a robust, yet adaptable, framework that follows proven research-based design principles and learning theory.  We’ll look at different online delivery options and discuss how to build branched e-learning scenarios.

The 70-20-10 phenomenon is not new, yet many still struggle to understand its principles and why flipping the way training is provided to a more blended approach can create amazing results that can be shared with the Board.  Learn how to make more effective use of technology, class and work situations throughout the learning, and how to involve and engage managers in the process.

Creating a podcast for training purposes is becoming popular; yet it requires decent equipment, extra software and knowledge of how to record and edit audio files. Come learn the basics in this short introduction (maximum 6 people).

TED-Ed can be used to create original lessons using TED videos, questions, discussion topics and other supplementary information. Free to use, it can be adapted (FLIPPED) by users to meet their needs. A great way to introduce new topics to learners in an exciting, curiosity-inspiring way.

Storytelling can be powerful when used as part of a presentation or in public speaking to get really important messages across.  It can also be used in training sessions to help learners understand difficult concepts and remember complex information.  It allows trainers and facilitators to share their own personal anecdotes in a fun and interesting way, using an easy formula for story creation.

A QR code is a fixed two dimensional code that can hold 000’s of characters of information, text, images or a website links. Easily generated and easily scanned with a QR reader. NFC (Near Field Communication) can enable people to collect digital information from smart tags, and digitally exchange other pre-programmable (and changeable) data, with just a touch. Both can be fully utilised in training, come learn how.

This is an exciting approach that will help you to cut your training budget, yet still increase the amount of learning that is obtained, and used, around the organisation, with even greater results.

4C-ID is a Four Component Instructional Design Model, used for designing excellent training content, based upon cognitive learning theory and is great for complex cognitive skills and task-specific skills.

Action mapping is a streamlined process to design training in the business world. Its goal is to help designers identify the best solution to the performance problem, using challenging simulations as opposed to information presentations.

MOOCs, SPOCs and LAPs are a valuable addition to your traditional training course; many are free and can influence your overall training plan. Learn how to get the most from their extensive content to enhance your learning provision.


JFI Academy is launching digital badging for its programmes

Upon satisfactory completion and assessment learners receive verifiable and shareable recognition of their professional achievements.

A unique 3-month programme designed for training and HR practitioners *

This MASTERCLASS  introduces you to the wonderful world of business training. Learn how to design and deliver class-based training, live online learning, self-paced digital learning, flexible distance learning or adopt a blended 70-20-10 approach.

Delivered using a live virtual classroom, digital learning workbook, live online tutor support and podcasts, you’ll come away knowing how to:

  1. identify business learning needs
  2. write business plans that secure funding for training
  3. choose from 47 different training delivery methods
  4. design 4 different training options (class-based, live online, self-pace digital and flexible distance learning)
  5. review and use LMS hosting platforms for engagement
  6. learn how to use online interactivity tools (Padlet, Kahoot, Sli.do etc..)
  7. develop vocal skills for live training and behind the microphone (webinars, podcasts, short training films)
  8. build in diversity and inclusion into training designs
  9. produce lesson plans, workbooks, facilitator guides, visual slides (PPTX and Prezi)
  10. address GDPR-related issues in training
  11. assess learning, validation and evaluation
  12. incorporate quality control, management and improvement into your designs

This MASTERCLASS is brought to you by JFI Academy ~ an “intelligent & interactive online learning space” designed for team leaders, managers, facilitators, project co-ordinators, mentors, speakers, trainers, academics and those working in the HR profession. The full Academy launches Autumn 2018 however, this course is available NOW!

Offered only three times in a year places are strictly limited to keep group sizes down to a maximum of 6 learners in each cohort.  Send us an email for more information and prices.


The specialist topic workshops and masterclass featured on this page are designed to be delivered in-company with organisational teams.

Take the opportunity to skill up your workforce particularly those who have responsibility for presenting information and training others. Delivered in person on your site or at a venue of your choice at a date and time to suit your business learning needs.



The specialist topic workshops and masterclass featured on this page are designed to be delivered in-company with organisational teams.

However, if you’re a freelance trainer, consultant, coach, team leader or HR professional who wants to take charge of your professional development, then you can also access this 3-month masterclass, and many of the specialist topics from our forthcoming JFI Academy


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“I don’t just develop people’s training, facilitation and speaking skills, I’m a digital learning designer as well as being a regular keynote speaker/MC at business and executive education conferences, so far I’ve spoken in 34 countries on four continents!  When I’m not speaking in front of audiences, I am speaking behind a microphone doing voice-over recordings  for promotional videos, online tutorials and audio books and I’ve also been a frequent guest on Radio Leinehertz 106.5 in Hannover, Germany.  Here in the UK, I also produce and host my own online monthly broadcast JFI Radio ‘LIVE’ ~ so as you can see speaking, training and facilitation really IS my business, and like most professional trainers and coaches I’m committed to my own ongoing learning and CPD


Developing your training skills might not meet your business needs right now, so head on over to Floor 2 and let us deliver the training for you