Action Learning Lab 'Live' Online

Our Action Learning Lab, is online which means that it fits in well whether you are learning online or in-person. Action Learning is a way of enabling and empowering people to learn with and from each other.  You can use our dedicated, completely private and locked online space that meets European privacy standards to share experiences and discuss options. Our platform is easy because there are no downloads to navigate, making participation very simple and with no fuss whether you are on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.  We’ll collaborate online, create new visualisations of diverse approaches, watch online videos and even produce Kanban/Kata project timelines to prioritise actions with accountability – all within the same platform, which means no jumping from one screen tool to another.

During the Action Learning Lab ‘LIVE’ you can chat about the courses that you’ve studied from the JFI Store or JFI Academy or from our book R.E.A.L. Empathic Learning. The Labs are recorded and you’re sent this recording so that you can refresh your memory about what was discussed.

Professionally facilitated by Józefa Fawcett each month covers a different topic, and gives you an opportunity to ask key questions and receive support, guidance and advice about how to become a R.E.A.L. Empathic Learner

Once you’ve purchased a course from the JFI Store,  joined JFI Academy, or purchased the book R.E.A.L. Empathic Learning you will automatically get free access to the Action Learning Lab space. You can attend each month for as long as you want or need, and you’ll be given a dedicated link to join when you make your purchase.